Most spy systems use a stream to send content between 2 people.


Streams have the problem, that they only work if you have a fast internet connection with your smartphone. If your internet connection is slow, the stream won´t work anymore. Imagine you want to write an exam and try to stream your content to another person and suddenly your stream fails to work. We tested such systems and we were surprised how often a stream fails.


We don`t use streams. We use upload systems like DropBox which even work with a slow internet connection. This gives us the reliability we need so you can succeed in your exams. You can download DropBox and Autosync for free and run some tests with the Apps. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Systems for exams are very expensive. Some companies charge something between 400 and 700 Euro for their Systems. We don`t think that is fair. We don`t want to take advantage of your situation. You need help to pass an exam and we want to offer you the help you might need. Our prices are reasonable and not to high compared to other companies.


We developed our SPY PEN CONCEPT from scratch. We tested countless systems and devices in exams to find the week spots. We want to offer you something special, without to much complexity. Our systems are the plan B you might need if Plan A fails.


Has life dealt you a bad hand? We offer you our trump card to win the game and even if you don`t need it right now, it is good to know that you have a trump card left in your hand.