1. Is there a version of HYPERDROP available for IOS?


Answer: No, there is no IOS version available.

2. Is there something I need to check before I order your product?


Answer: Yes, you need to check if your smartphone has USB OTG Support. ON THE GO (OTG) is a system that allows you to connect USB devices to your smartphone. If your smartphone has no OTG Support, your smartphone won't be able to get access to our devices.

3. Which countries do you ship to?


Answer: We offer world wide shipping. Contact us and tell us where you want us to ship our SPY PENS and we will try our best to realize it.

4. How much do you charge for shipping?


In Germany nothing. In the EU we charge 9,99 Euro. Outside the EU we have no fix prices. Contact us if you life outside the EU and get more information.