We developed a SPY PEN to help you overcome this problem.


Do you work in a dead end job and want new possibilities

or do you struggle with your grades? Our SPY PEN could be the solution.


We dont`t belive in dead ends. We develope solutions. Pass exams with state of the art technology.

Pass an exam easily with our SPY PENS for Android.


Take pictures of the exam you need to pass with our SPY PEN.


The 12 Megapixel Camera delivers high quality pictures of the written or printed content on your exam.


The easy to use camera can be triggered with one click on the top button. One Click to trigger the camera. Simple and easy.

How to download the pictures of your exam

Secretly connect our SPY PENS with your smartphone via OTG Cable. Your smartphone will detect our devices and you can review the files stored on the SPY PENS.


Our Application HYPERDROP enables you to automatically download all files, every time you connect our SPY PENS with your smartphone.


Just connect our SPY PENS with your smartphone and HYPERDROP will do everything for you.

HYPERDROP was created to get access to USB mass storage devices. The App is a fully developed file explorer with some interesting extras.


HYPERDROP allows you to automatically download files from our SPY PENS to your smartphone.


Every time you connect our registered devices, the App will AUTOMATICALLY start to download the content stored on the SPY PENS.

How to share the pictures of your exam

Use your favourite cloud service to automatically upload and share content. Just sync the directory Salvation on your smartphone with the a cloud service like DropBox.


If you store new files inside the synchronized directory, DropBox or other cloud services will upload them in real-time to your cloud. This upload usually happens almost immediately.


You can control the upload by using free Apps like AutoSync for DropBox. Dropbox and AutoSync are both free Apps. Click the buttons below if you want to test the concept.

You can share files and folders with others and enable them to open or change the content stored in your cloud.


They can review the pictures you took from your exam and give you the right answers via phone call.


Use a wireless and invisible earpiece for getting the correct answer on your tests: wireless communication without being caught is no big deal.


Products for this task can easely be found on Amazon or ebay. The usually don`t cost much.

How to pass an exam

Finally use our SPY PENS to write the correct answers on your exam. Our SPY PENS not only deliver great pictures and videos, just like a regular pen you can use them to write or draw.